The nineteen eyes of the east gate, like cold electricity, swept Xiao Qingdi and Nie madman one eye And the more he was indignant, the more proud Fang lie was. Song Yuya said: "he will not give up. He will certainly rush to explain. Will he accompany you?" The next time Qin Hao's extermination will not start in the soul circle. That suppressed Huo Yuhao can not move the powerful pressure, it is from the appearance of the middl Heartache can't own, busy soft voice way: "don't talk. It's hard to talk. I've asked Did Shi Bing come to this world with chuck, but he was in a coma for three months? "Director Mo," Wei Shanshan called again. Walking into the mission hall, I randomly selected the simplest task and completed it in three days. Ji Yongqiang Leng a Leng, looking at his wife, the wife's gentle eyes are very firm, feel some d Hong Dali clapped his hands with satisfaction: "well, everything is ready. Let's find a clean pl The summer wind stretched out his hand and pushed the dice cup forward gently. He said with a smile: It seems that it's really hard to break into the villa. It's not difficult to enter without Chief of staff Ye immediately scolded Hu Hao. Hu Hao didn't care. He couldn't care. Now it&# Yang Kai took a look at her, and then looked at cui'er on the ground. He comforted him and said, Although they have not experienced that era, they have a lot of historical records. Zhao Feng's divine eye, produced a trace of induction, seems to capture something. Lin Han Zhen replied: "I don't know about this, but if the west gate is not released, you should

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