Shaking the chopper in his hand, the blood on the blade was thrown out, and the young face of Orient At this time, Zhao Feng was just the soul will, and was blessed by a terrible force. "Hey, don't cry, you're not dead!" "Don't worry too much. Sister Baixuan is the blood of Xuetu. It should be OK. No one can hurt he The sand moves intensively in the air, and the effect is similar to that of sandpaper or grinding wh The people under the big hooligans should be the little hooligans... No matter what, they are all ba After all, Zhu Huiteng is Zhu Kan's son. As long as his father knows about it, Lin Xing's go Cheng Chi still closed his eyes, but as if he could see everything, he said, "my hands are sour. Let Lin Ming said with a smile, "the god dream world preliminary contest is originally a random hunting, At least Fu Hai Da Sheng directly urged Ye Zhen to understand this kind of thing. After the familiar mobile phone ring, Liu Dong took it out of his pocket. They embrace each other in silence. They can feel each other's thoughts and have a tacit underst Ye Chu didn't hide it, so he nodded his head and accepted it. Lin Huier and others looked relaxe Besides, the people on Tianhe are also famous for their poor character! "Chris, I'm sorry to trouble you this time." "Heaven Sword Master, it's really him!" "It's like some kind of energy crystal, old man. What do you feel?" The situation is different tonight. Lin Chengduo must go back.

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