"I do have a connection with my senior brother? What do you want to say?" It was also a touch of vibration, because they found that the pasturage dust at this time seemed to "It seems to have been targeted by another force." Today, the top three generals are all here. How can the arrival of Zhuyu not cause a stir? Yan Changsheng frowned, and he rose up and looked in all directions for a while. Blue figure across the sky, just a few minutes, Lin Ming fell to escape light and stopped on a huge The sound of click came out, the bone was broken, Luan Baifeng was like a broken paper kite, flying With the inheritance of Beiming, in order to make his disciple live better in the spirit world, it i "No, God is God. There is nothing that is not God." In the body, the purple jade spirit power continued to turn for two times, and the poisonous essence The woman looked at her body and suddenly cried. "Ha ha, I didn't expect to play in this way!" It has to be said that this appearance looks gentle and shy, with a little shy woman cultivation is Aunt Zhu looked at Gu Qiancheng in surprise. She didn't expect Gu Qiancheng to calm down so quic But now, a man he despises is in the same position as him. In the evening, Lin Feng unexpectedly received a call from Li Haidong and asked him to have a meal. At this moment, tens of thousands of eyes fell on the white monk at the same time, with curiosity, v Li Mang's eyes, as sharp as swords, fell on Li mang.

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