"I've got these from the battlefield. You have to make an estimate..." One super pharmaceutics and one magic piano, needless to say. So, from this point we can see that the fat man is a very sad person. "Second island Master! Explain the harvest quickly!" Yu Le immediately said, "Ding Ling, this is why Mitsui is our opponent. She is targeting us everywhe After the editing by nggu journalists, they appeared in front of all TV viewers in a very clear vein However, it is obvious that Tang Yu underestimated the strength of a strong man with seven realms. Jiuming reaches out and grabs Neng crystal. In the terror, the elder's face suddenly changed. They were too angry to think about this problem just now, but now they hear an mingle say that, sudd "Hey, think of a way. We can't get in such a dense fire!" This speech can be called the most courageous. This kind of situation appeared, but he had not thought before. So now there are countless replies. It can be said that even these people can't help seeing thes This kind of literary treasure is one of the strongest among the semi holy treasures, almost perfect During this period, the fat body was sweating, but Ji Meili also insisted on what she taught herself "I don't know. This is not what I can know. Maybe we will find the" answer "case here." Fire dance chat a smile: "that, I'm sorry, I forgot, wind brother, or I give you rub good."

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